First we decided which api to choose from. We chose Chegg, because there is some interesting things you can do with their api. Being use to teachers inefficiently and inconsistently sharing book names, we decided to make an app that helps with that.

Our application guides a user to searching and adding books to a virtual cart. Once the user is content, they can then generate a checkout link to use for Chegg.

Utilizing Cheggs api, we are able to get a variety of books and are able to generate check out links..

I built the back end and my friend built the front end.

Staying awake was a huge challenge since me and my partner programmed for 22 hours straight.

We are very proud of this website, since we polished it heavily and were on schedule.

We learned how to use an api called Chegg and work as a team.

We will first see if people enjoy using our application ,because we decide on any future improvements

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