Our inspiration is to make everyone eat more healthy and make more informed food choices at Stony Brook University.

What it does

It's a web app with an interactive UI that shows the food available throughout the dining places. A user can sort the food by different values. Say you only need to see food available at West Side Dining or if you want to eat something specific, you can get the locations where the food is available at the convenience of a few clicks. Adding to that you can see the nutritional value and price of the food ("To keep those dining dollars in check"). Eat healthily and keep an eye on that budget at the same time Seawolves!

How we built it

We started by making a backend API in Python using flask. The API had all these different endpoints which like website URLs when visited returns the data required. This data is provided by scraping done by the backend.

Challenges we ran into

We had lots and lots of data that we had to organize based on different parameters that would help the user. And then making the endpoints of the API for tons of different combinations so that our front end could get the latest data and the user remains up to date on the food being offered at different locations across the campus.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

How to coordinate properly and make the process of building

What's next for ChefWolfie

We want to make this application an active asset in Stony Brook University

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