What it does

Our app is a destination for food bloggers and chefs and their step towards global fame! They can expand their businesses out of just the restaurants. The timely leaderboards compete them with the rest of the chefs in the world and they can create their own recipes along with other collaborators in the app itself, leading to new innovations in the world of cooking.

How we built it

We built the app completely using Flutter and Firebase, with the editor being Android Studio. Firebase Dependencies used were, Firebase Firestore, Firebase Storage and Firebase Authentication. Libraries used were image_picker, flutter_launcher_icons, google_sign_in, font_awesome_flutter, flutter_spinkit, cached_network_image, shared_preferences.

Challenges we ran into

Submission was itself a challenge as this had been our biggest and most complex code/app we had ever managed. But the biggest challenge we faced was creating a repository in GitHub. It was our first time on GitHub and we were all immature kids in GitHub. Luckily, we got some help through the mini-event hosted by MLH LocalHost. We also faced some major bugs at the last hour which (nearly) crashed our app. But we managed somehow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Happy about having successfully completed and submitted our most complex project yet. And we are now finally a bit experienced in GitHub, but we need to go far still. Learnt pressure handling again, as we had to manage a last hour scare.

What we learned

As previously mentioned, got a bit of an experience working in GitHub and polished our skills again in Flutter and HTML-CSS-JS. Finally got the "real" coding experience as we managed to successfully pull off our biggest project yet. And of course! Debugging!

What's next for ChefPost

Testing our app and website in the real world and working on enhanced User Interface and fixing other minor bugs.

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