Be it students, or the working class, everyone is always under a lot of stress due to the pressing deadlines and workload. In this scenario, it becomes really tough for people to spend time in cooking or going grocery shopping and so they tend to resort to eating out. Since eating healthy meals becomes pricey on a long-term basis, people are forced to eat cheap junk food. Such people are generally looking for cheap yet healthy options. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who enjoy cooking or stay at home family members who wouldn't mind cooking a few extra portions while they're cooking while making some extra money on the side. Our app connects these 2 sets of people, by running this community driven initiative.

What it does:

CHEFI allows those who love to cook to become chefs and make money, whereas other folks could save a half of the money on food that is still healthier, fresher, and more friendly than a lot of restaurant's food.

How we built it

Client end - Ionic + Singular

Communication: Twilio

Backend - AWS - Python

Database - MongoDB

Other API- JW Player

Challenges we ran into:

We had issues connecting python to AWS in the backend as we weren't aware how we should be communicating.

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