About 40% of the food/agriculture produced in the USA will go to waste due to negligence: Forgetting about the food itself Past the Expiration Date Leftovers wasted (forgetting about the food itself, leftovers, past expiration date) World-wide, estimated 33% food/agriculture produce is wasted, according to IFPRI We use about 10% of the energy budget of US From that, 50% of the land is used up in the US 80% of freshwater is consumed Consider that 40% of food is wasted in US 10x food wasted as compared to someone in South East Asia Roughly 50% increase from 1970s What does this mean? This means that more than 20 lbs of food is thrown out per person Americans are wasting 165B USD every month 25% of all freshwater is being wasted what we wanted to do was address the environmental concern by: developing a program that would at least allow utilization of ingredients in full in an effort to prevent wastage of food products

What it does

This alexa skill was created to take in leftover ingredients and give you a recipe to avoid food waste.

How I built it

We used AWS to create and host an alexa skill, we also created a django website to allow users to input lifestyle choices that will be used in finding personal recipes on their alexa.

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of trouble with the login with amazon especially with the alexa skill. Alot of the information available was either outdated or not relevant to what we were trying to do and this resulted in alot of our time being put into this one feature that it hurt many of the other things we were trying to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to implement Login with amazon on our website and alexa skill. We also created a web crawler that can find recipes with ingredients and instructions.

What I learned

We learned how to implement login with amazon, and a couple of other aws features. We also learned how to create a web crawler

What's next for Cook My Goose

There are alot of bugs we need to patch as well as improving the web crawler. We would also like to implement features we didn't get a chance to add such as: alexa ordering ingredients that the user may not have for their recipe, emailing them ingredients & instructions, and finding videos that can walk them through the recipe.

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