To uplift those home cooks who have a passion for cooking and to provide them with a platform to not only display their amazing cooking skills but to also provide them with a way to earn some extra money.

What it does-

The home chef would have to make his/her id on the website where they could showcase their best dishes and available timings. We as a user can visit the website and could see the profile of different available home cooks in my location. I could select a particular dish based on my mood and their rating. Since it is not a restaurant I would have to request the home cook if he/she could cook that particular dish at that particular time. Upon the request home cook would get a notification on his or her id and they could accept or decide the request. If the request is accepted, I could proceed on with the payment and it is done.

How we built it-

We used Radar Geofencing API to only show those home cooks in our locality along with Radar we have used Google cloud Firebase services, angular, bootstrap and nodeJS for the website.

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