Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure is a free, fun online video game that brings the food pyramid to life.  Children enter each segment of the food pyramid and learn about the importance of each food group as they dodge animals, find secret passageways and even ride a zipline.  In order to stay fueled, they must create three balanced meals and a snack to complete each level.  Watch the pyramid light up as the child selects foods for their meal.  The energy bar will fill up based on the calories for one serving of that food.  If they eat too much, the calorie bar will turn red and they will have to exercise to burn off the excess calories.  This game requires a log in so that the child place in the game is saved as they accumulate points and earn Pyramid Certificates. Parents receive progress reports for each level completed with tips and activities about the key nutrition messages the child has just learned.

This game is designed to help children learn about the balance between food and exercise.  Developed by a hispanic nurse, the game is available in English and Spanish.

This game is just one of the many interactive nutrition and exercise games found on  All nutrition games, content and tools are free and available in English and Spanish.

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