We really enjoy cooking but we never have a good place to store our recipes or find them from other sources without the pages being either dead links, stolen images, full of ads, or a wall of text that nobody really cares about, because they just want to get to the recipe at the bottom.

What it does

Chef's Book is like Facebook but for people who like cooking and connecting with others who like cooking but are not ready to share their personal data with Russia.

Users can create accounts where they can make their own collections of recipes, called Cookbooks. These recipes and Cookbooks can be created by the user or saved from other users' accounts, and you can follow recipes, Cookbooks, and users.

How We built it

We built the frontend with HTML and CSS. We implemented some PHP to complete post requests. We used Firebase as our database and Python Flask to interface between front and backend. We also used the Python library Pyrebase.

Challenges We ran into

We are all new to web development, so the lack of prior knowledge and familiarity with the languages, frameworks, and conventions meant we had a steeper learning curve, and spent a lot more time looking things up than actually implementing them. We also could not figure out why one of our pages was not loading, but it turned out that we requested a page rather than redirected it.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We ended up learning a lot about web development and are proud of how far we have been able to come in this short amount of time.

What we learned

The floors in Cal Memorial Stadium are not comfortable to sleep on, nor are the chairs. We learned some basics of front end web design and how to connect front end and back end of a website.

What's next for Chef's Book

Creating user base Enable profile editing Build login page Display stats: followed, following, how many recipes, cookbooks, etc Implement "favorites" cookbook ADA compliant

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