‘Chef Pad’ App By: Andy D., Manraj G., Stephen T.


We had no money, no food, and no direction. We hope this app solves that issue for anyone that finds themselves in the same situation.

What it does

Have leftover ingredients? Don't think you can make a meal? Open our app, input the ingredients and watch all the recipes you can use flow in!

How we built it

Java & Android Studio, Java & Eclipse, HTML

Challenges we ran into

Storing input of editText in Android Studio. Web Crawler/Spider working universally on every website. Combining the two components.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

App interface and getting the web crawler to work at all given that this was our first time using Android studio, programming in Java whilst using HTML and attempting to utilize web crawlers.

What we learned

Android Studio basics, HTML & web crawlers/scrapers

What's next for Chef Pad

App & Web Crawler working in tandem to serve its ultimate purpose.

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