For linux Server there are lot of config management tools. Chef workstation is also good for windows server provisioning but this required chef server/client architecture.

What it does

I'm just exploring chef infra and found that it's a unique capability for windows server provisioning on AWS as well as managing existing windows server for implementing chef cookbooks.

How we built it

I've installed windows workstation on windows 10 OS laptop and configured AWS credential for provisioning and access AWS resources with winrm based communication

Challenges we ran into

I found linux server provsioing was easier as this communcates with SSH , however windows connectivity with SSH was stuck sometime

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I've found winrm based communcation is faster and reliable than SSH for windows server

What we learned

Chef has lot of capabilities which can be expolred such Windows infra management.

What's next for chef infra for Windows workload on AWS

I've tested for multiple Windows feature but need to test SQL server on Windows with chef infra in future.

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