Brainstormed out of hunger and curiosity, I built this to help me and hopefully others to STOP peeking in the fridge every hour for food. Now I can eat whats in my fridge throughly with the creativity of meals this app offers!

What it does

Using machine learning to detect multiple ingredients in a single photo, it provides quick and easy recipes using just the ingredients in your fridge.

How I built it

Cross mobile platform for IOS and android (Ionic Framework) on the front end, Clarifai's api for food tags, linking food tags to Big Oven API to to generate recipes, and a lot of css classes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With all the css animations and api call, I'm glad to see fluid the app. Learning more about asynchronous and synchronous processes during this hackathon definitely was well worth it in the end.

What's next for Chef Happy

Pushing it up to the app store and googlep play store!

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