Organising a night with multiple stops can be a challenge in a big city. So many places to choose from, so many routes to take...that is why we were planning to take the legwork out of your experience! Plus getting home safely afterwards is just as important, so our app plans to take care of that too.

What it does

The app in its current state is capable of displaying the user’s continuously updated location on a map generated by Google Maps. From this screen Google Maps itself can be opened, from which a route can be searched for a location. We also have a drinks counter, so you can check how much you’ve actually had on your night out.

How we built it

We built it with Java on Android and with the help of the Google Maps and Google Places APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Two of our team members needed to learn JAVA from scratch so they needed to teach themselves the language, with help from the member who knew the language, while they were coding. We also needed to learn how to work with the Google API as well as how to have two separate API’s communicate with each other. Further issues were posed when one of the team members ran into technical difficulties with his laptop, which lead to issues with running the android virtual machine as well as continued design of the app symbol on photoshop.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to code in Java and use APIs. Giving a short crash course in Java. Friendship.

What we learned

How to code in Java and use APIs as well as Android studio in order to determine the effectiveness of a piece of code.

What's next for Cheers!

The next step is retrieving the nearby bars and allowing the user to choose the ones s/he would like to visit and planning a route between them. The “Take me home” functionality would work in a similar way. We are planning an optional tracking functionality that would save where the user went the night before. The drinks counter also needs a bit more love.

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