Being a baseball fan, it's always a great feeling being able to cheer with the whole stadium in unison. We wanted fans at their first or 100th game to be able to have that experience every time, with every cheer.

What it does

Cheerio is a mobile app that fans download before the game and allows fans to check in to the specific game that they're attending. Fans must also select which team they're rooting for. This subscribes them to that team's specific cheers. During the game, a CheerDJ (a DJ for cheers!), sends notifications through the app to alert fans to watch out for un upcoming cheer. The screen then, in a karaoke manor, displays the lyrics and symbols of the cheers. The fans are then able to cheer all together, while knowing all the words.

How we built it

Build with React-Native and Firebase

Challenges we ran into

CSS animations are the best! - said no one, ever

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Cheerio

Enhancements: More complete cheer board for CheerDJs.

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