While conducting various Lectures and Workshops on SparkAR Studio, One thing which Vikings (our team) realized was the fear among people that how difficult it would be to create AR Filters. Whereas contrary to the belief, it is easy to master, if done properly. So our main inspiration behind this tutorial was to create something which can be understood by everyone and should be interesting and of high retention at the same time. What better way than comparing Filter Development with your favorite sport! The Filter too should have been something that has a wide appeal to the masses. That is how the idea for creating a filter to show support for your favorite IPL team came.

What it does

It is a Beginners Tutorial on how to use Spark AR and create a basic filter with Native UI Pickers each representing one team. On clicking it the cap and background changes to that of the selected team. It also has Particle Effects to show you support for the franchise.

How I built it

The Tutorial is built on Github under MIT License. The Filter was made on Spark AR Studios and the complete files regarding the same have been uploaded on GitHub. It has Native UI Picker, Background Segmentation, Face Tracking, Head Decoration, etc features.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to make the tutorial for complete beginners and at the same time not to be boring. We had to cover most of the important topics and still not be repetitive or boring.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a written Tutorial on how creating a filter is as easy as playing a sport Working on an IPL Filter

What I learned

Github Basics Spark AR

What's next for Cheer Your Team

The tutorial will constantly be updated and we are also planning a complete series of such tutorials on how a technology x is as basic as doing y (x is any tech people fear, y is a day to day activity)

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