The theme of this year's Bitcamp is "imagine tomorrow." Our team imagines that the future contains, among Virtual Reality headsets and self-driving cars, people who are nice to each other. Cheer Upper plays a small role in making the internet a friendlier place.

How it works

Using the Twitter API, we ingest thousands of Tweets that indicate that a user is feeling sad or upset. This alone didn't produce a good enough data-set, so we used the MetaMind API to make sure we were grabbing posts with relatively negative sentiment. Then, people can respond to any random one of the "sad" tweets in our database with a message that cheers the person up! It is a simple idea, but we really like the result.

Challenges I ran into

Had lots of issues incorporating some of our Python scripts, and we had to switch a few over to PHP. This required some of us to learn PHP!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

People have used the app and sent kind messages to all kinds of people. We even got a few responses back of people claiming we "made their day"

What I learned

Lots of web based technologies.

What's next for Cheer Upper

Include more moderation, and adding more features for viewing posts.

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