At first, we thought about how we want to build an app that can help people with depression or anxiety to feel less stressed. But given how things have been going lately and we figured that a lot of people like animals, we came up with the idea 'Cheer Me Up!' that will showcase stories and pictures of cute animals to help everyone feel less distressed.

What it does

Cheer Me Up! is a website that aims to uplift people by showcasing cute animals and their lives. We wanted to make a website that would help people with depression or anxiety to destress. Cheer Me Up! would remind people that, even with everything that is happening in the world, there is also some brightness.

How we built it

The web design and prototype are created with AdobeXD. The actual website is built with the framework, React.js.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time our group worked with React.js. We have to spend the majority of our time figuring out how this technology actually works. Other times, we are struggling with the page styling and the interactive part but fortunately, we were able to come up with a solution.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Although the website we have right now isn't quite what we had in mind, we are proud of how far we have gotten to making this website. We were able to work as a team, contribute ideas, and come up with implementations for many of the features.

What we learned

A lot of the technologies we used on this project are definitely new to us, but we feel more comfortable working with them after this experience. It also helps us strengthen our HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. We also improve our skills working as a team and within a time constraint.

What's next for Cheer Me Up!

There are still a lot of features we can implement in Cheer Me Up! to make it even more interactive. We didn't use a database to store information due to a lack of time. Other than that, we would also like to implement a login system and let the user upload their favorite images.

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