Our main inspiration came from Guilty Gear

What it does

Our game provides a user friendly , yet competitive experience for all players.

How we built it

Our main Coder, Joseph Flaherty, coded the game by himself using the Unity game engine in the language of C#. Our two web designers, Justin Terryberry and Zachary Orona, spent their time mainly working on the website for most of hackathon. Our two graphic designers, Eldrish Ramos and Aidan Mara, spent their time using blender to create 3-D models to be used for the game, and texturing them.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges the web designers ran into were: 1) Jquery positioning 2) Small grammatical errors (we were all just really tired, I've have 11 cups of coffee) 3) How to compile the SCSS. Some of the challenges the Coder ran into were: 1) Unity Animation manager, there was a possible bug with the software. 2) Figuring out better inputs 3) Being so tired that you zone out for five-ten minutes Some of the challenges the Graphic designers ran into were: 1) Faces and vertices often being "duplicated" too many times. 2) Meshes would not unwrap properly, sometimes leading to difficult UV Maps. 3) Basic lack of experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) Being able to bring an idea to life through 3-D modeling technology. 2) Mastering Unity Animation manager after many difficulties. 3) Finishing without ripping our brains out

What we learned

1) Things aren't always as easy as they seem 2) Many things can go wrong in such little time 3) Teamwork makes the dreamwork 4) Christopher can solve all of our problems 5) There's a racing game for the Linux penguin

What's next for Cheep Shotz

We all plan to continue developing the game after this event. Hopefully to the point where we feel comfortable enough to publish it on a public platform.

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