cheel-ghat Chandrika CheelGhat

Parth Maheshwari
Mohit Dasila
Devesh Bajaj
Vimal Sheoran

Solution :

Analytics Engine (Cheel)
Data collection and visualization platform (Chandrika)
Data pipelines (Ghat)

Utility (Chandrika CheelGhat)

Link to Design Document -

This is a call to arms.

To all the thinkers, dreamers, lovers and doers.

To the round pegs in square hole.

An open source project now for anyone who truly wants to shape the nature of sustainable and circular economy. For anyone (even organizers of Hackathon - EESL where the teams made it over a night) who wants to build future and sustainability and scalability problems are at their heart. For anyone who truly loves technology and the planet. Ideas belong to anyone who truly cares to solve that problem.

If you are attempting this, let’s be friends.

If you are spreading the word, let’s be friends.

It’s our prime responsible as the beneficiaries of this Earth that we give back to it in whatever way possible.

Gaurav Garudwar - EV Mobility Adoption (

Nagesh Nagshakti - Smart Meters (

Love Smart Joules.

PS : Help us build a sustainable economy. It doesn’t have to be a zero sum game!

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