We got inspired by our own journey to Bremen. We struggled to find an affordable yet ecological means of getting here to Jacob'sHack!. We also wanted to apply some theoretical notions learned in class and get our hands dirty. So we decided to build combine the two ideas.

What it does

Our web application let's users plan a sustainable multi-modal trip to Germany. The user can decide how ecofriendly he would like to be, in comparison to the total price he will pay.

How we built it

We used SkyScanner's API to determine the prices and carbon emissions of various flights across and to Germany. We used our own skills to determine these same values for train trips using the ICE network. Then, using this information, we constructed a graph and used a multi-objective function to provide the user with different options for their travel, ranging from cheapest to most ecofriendly.

Challenges we ran into

We found out that the data pertaining to trains is Europe is highly coveted, and there is no freely available API. We therefore had to manually collect our train data. Our second challenge was implementing a multi-objective minimisation function that could encapsulate our desires to reduce our footprint on the environment but that could also embody our scrappy student spirit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We, collectively, only slept for two hours. ¡Nosotros somos los tigres! We were also proud of getting work done in a relaxed environment and took the time to enjoy our weekend.

What we learned

Backend with Flask, RESTful APIs and front end development, using a graph library in Python. We also learned not to reinvent the wheel and use the tools at our disposal to get the best results.

What's next for Cheeco

Sell to SkyScanner... maybe? please ?

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