"ZOMBIE ACCOUNTS" story inspired the original development.

  • How many unused accounts do you have?
  • How often do you receive the newsletter from page you stopped using few years ago?
  • Do you really fully UNregister (flush all data away form web and Mobapp) when you are uninstalling apps or ? above all The unpleasant truth is, you don't really know, how many zombie accounts you have.

then within the very first rise of the issue, we immediately pivot to an overall simple solution of full online data ownership privacy.

What it does

it is the counter proposal of the actual existing login buttons. the Login about "my privacy" user data ownership privacy /developer business privacy attached to webapp/mobapp curating (listing) webapp on with user was registering.

  • It helps you keep track the complete portfolio of your registered online accounts
  • it prevents new accounts to loose track from new ones.
  • it tides up users' and service app dev digital trail that users can leave behind them.

as the only login alternative to social medias, emails, phones login solution offering full online privacy it should have been fully offered to users and developers but never happen till now.

It allows developpers to consciously understand the data privacy of their users, take advantage from it and mainly secure, hide the visibility of their online business tracks from third parties Socialmedias.

Commoditised privacy can ends right at the entry door of online services.

To create trust, reliability about their application with a proper ethical attitude and belief regarding Privacy. Designing Webapp with CHEDDAR login button allows full respect of Privacy and Users' Database ownership.

Users and Developers finally reunite under the privacy concern issue.

How we built it

Using Proxy Re-encryption. designed ORBIT databases set on 2 nodes on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Challenges we ran into

Understanding IPFS new technology trying to implement Zero Knowledge Proofs protocol Using Proxy Re-incryption.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

realised a holistic solution from login to logout, keeping data owner in power as it must remain anytime even online. We use distributed and decentralised technology IPFS to keep users' ownership of their data. It allows to fully keep safe, secure with real full-hands control of the online Database they create to interact with any SasS online. it also protect users from residual zombie accounts, with their often forgotten online owners'database it watches and surveys and notify actively the users.

What we learned

Online Privacy and Database ownership is possible via decentralisation and distributed database, thanks to IPFS. added a full 5G speed technology it makes it even more sense to process such technology concept today.

What's next for Cheddar

fully develop the mobile apps (android & iOS) in connection the online IPFS protocol. create web application, eventually browser extensions. API and Plugin for third party client.| Promote and communicate with support of privacy activists'csmmunity. educate users about privacy and security concerns regarding forgotten zombie accounts.

Built With

  • ipfs
  • kotlin
  • orbit-database
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