Have you ever tried to study but you constantly are getting Facebook updates from your mom and request to play Candy Crush? We have and we're just want to focus!

What it does

Our app will give the user an opportunity to study distraction-free. By cutting off sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more, Checkup Buttercup allows you stay on track. The program when the user tells the Google Home that they want to start a study session. It will then ask the user how long their study session is and how often they want to be checked up on. Depending on their choices, the program will iterate through each tab every x minutes and close any tabs that are known time-wasters when studying.

How I built it

We built it using Python with Flask and Google's Dialogue Flow. Specifically in Python, we used the pyautogui and datetime libraries.

Challenges I ran into

We were getting a little stuck using Google's Dialogue Flow. We also had trouble building a chrome extension for it so we scratched that part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We came up with a idea that is practical and could be used in an actual study session.

What I learned

We improved our skills in working with Python as well as using the Google Home device.

What's next for Checkup Buttercup

Ideally, we could have a way to check on the user the doesn't necessarily interrupt their studying. For example, it would just close distracting sites in the background on an interval. We would also give the user an option to unblocked certain sites like Facebook if it is a special case.

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