Healthcare problems based on our Algerian community stereotypes.

What it does

It is a platform that helps all type of users to predict diseases, check diagnosis and show results with recommendations of the accurate doctor to visit.

How we built it

platform that has 3 models as principle features. It is a website that has back-end, front-end and an API for the models.

Challenges we ran into

  • ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • 2 models work perfectly.
  • site deployed (models API, front-end, back-end)
  • the accuracy of the models is high. ## What we learned
  • team working. -discovering new things in the health field. -manipulating data. ## What's next for checkup
  • Multiplatform ( extend our solution as mobile app)
  • New brand (starting buying our own products linked to the domain)
  • Provide new tests to other health problems.
  • Provide virtual appointments with doctors (online).
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