Taking medicine remains a crucial role in personal health, but the daily tasks and needs of life prevent users from paying attention to these needs. This application intends to bring personal health needs to the forefront, and engage users in a clean, streamlined, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing manner.

What it does

The application reduces the complexity of tracking medical needs for two kinds of users. The first are recipients of medicines, who would use the system to track their medical needs like taking pills. The second, caretakers, may use the system to receive updates on whether users fulfilled their medical needs. We intend for our users to add, edit, and remove reminders, which can be made as recurring to a tailored time of day.

How we built it

Lots of love. Some Soylent. But mostly the React Native library for the front-end, Node.js for a back-end server, and integration of SMS messaging and Sendgrid emails through Twilio.

Challenges we ran into

Beginning this competition, our primary challenge was learning React Native, a Javascript library that provides support for mobile application development. While most of were exposed to the Javascript React library, we needed to take time to learn the nuances of the new library.

Additionally, we ran into multiple issues regarding version control of our code across multiple users. By extension, we ran into communication challenges. So goes the saying: _ git merge, git wrecked _.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're incredibly proud of one of our members, who picked up Javascript and the React Native library without any prior experience to either. Our pride in this application also stems from the value we believe that it will provide end users. This includes integrations between the application, SMS, and email to ensure that recipients have taken medicine and maintain their health. We also are excited to feature a clean and attractive user interface, inspired by leading design frameworks like Google Material Design.

What we learned

Be smart about version control. Communicate, plan, and design even during short time limits.

What's next for CheckUp

You should follow this devpost to find out! ;)

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