Members: Kentaro Tanaka, Nanxi Liu, and Maggie Corwin

Inspiration: We wanted to make a to-do list Android app that kept users accountable, not just to themselves, but also to their loved ones. Users can utilize this app to periodically inform their family, roommate(s), doctor, coach, or therapist about tasks they are completing every day. The heart shaped icon with a check mark shows that users can update and share information with their loved ones.

Relatable Examples: Keep your parents in the loop by letting them know you've gotten home safely from school, done your chores, or completed your homework. Let your roommate know that you've cleaned the room or taken out the trash. Share information with your athletics coach so they know how much you've worked out or played a sport and how healthily you've been eating. Update your therapist about how you feel on a daily basis. Inform your doctor about how often you take your medicine.

What it Does: Our app allows the user to enter any number of goals under any number of sections, and modify/delete them as they wish. Each section is for a particular person- the tasks in that section are the ones that the person will receive an email update about. Every day, the goals that are checked off are saved, and every so often, email updates are sent automatically to the person of your choice regarding which goals were successfully completed. The app also allows you to change how often the email updates summary get sent out, whether it's once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month.

Impact: Although there are a lot of generic to do lists on the market, we created an app that not only helps people keep in touch with their loved ones, but is more effective in holding you accountable. The app utilizes external social pressure to make it more likely that you actually complete your goals. For example, since the email updates are sent automatically, the user has no choice but to complete the goals if he doesn't want his doctor to find out he has neglected to take his medicine.

How We Built It: We coded in Java, utilizing AndroidStudio to build the application and an SQLite database to store data.

Challenges We Ran Into: Our team is mostly composed of rookies - one of us has gone to two hackathons, and the other two of us have never been to a hackathon, so we definitely lacked experience! Also, two-thirds of our team had no prior experience with Java or Android, so getting used to both was challenging. It was difficult to learn how to redirect to different activities after clicking, store data, to send information through emails, and much more. We had to look up lots of tutorials and videos and we grew tremendously through trial and error.

Accomplishments that We're Proud Of: We’re so proud of getting a functional app working in a weekend and so grateful to be at HackPrinceton! Overall, our app can function as expected and the buttons, popups, data storage, email sending, and other functions perform well. Also, we really like our homemade icon and the practicality of our application.

What We Learned: We learned a lot about Android development, UI and graphic design, and SQLite storage.

What's Next for Checks: There were a few features we would like to implement in the future. Our original plan was to also have a separate tab for the data visualization of task completion over time with graphs and insights (maybe even group analytics in the future). Then, users and their loved ones could see trends in their habits, become aware of areas where they could improve, and better their habits. Moreover, we would love to have the app send periodic motivational notifications to the user, either congratulating them on their great progress or gently reminding them to complete their to-do lists. Finally, we want to improve the graphic design elements and add additional features as we think of more.

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