Team: We Are Rocking This

Challenge we’re responding to

Personal Finance Management

How your project addresses the challenge

We develop a functional website that allows users to input their estimated monthly salary and average expenses. The target audience is for anyone who is looking for better ways to manage money and reach their short and long term financial goals. This gives the client to create budgeting plans to achieve their monthly saving goals.

Technologies we used

  • streamlit
  • panda
  • matplotlib
  • wix website builder
  • html
  • python

What we learned

We have learnt how to use streamlit to create pie chart and bar chart from python source code.

Problems we ran into and how we solved them

Problem: how to deploy the app on the browser We figure out that by cloning the repository into a terminal and type "streamlit run src/". A local host server will appear in the default browser.

Built With

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