We are both very interested in fitness and athleticism. We have spent time trying to learn how to acquire challenging physical skills ranging from flexibility, gymnastics, running, and body-building. Often times, good training plans are expensive, hard to find, and don't provide a clear progression through learning the skill. We wanted to make it easy to build task based training plans that show how to progress through the many stages involved in learning complex skills.

What it does

Our website is a community for building, sharing, and following online training programs for acquiring skills.

We think our software is especially well suited for physical skills which encourage and promote healthy and active lifestyles in our communities.

Businesses can also benefit as they can build detailed and effective employee training programs for any range of skills such as learning how to work in a factory, learning skills for working in a machine shop, or acquiring another language.

How we built it

Front end: React, Javascript./HTML/CSS Back end: Python, postgresql, SQLAlchemy, flask

Challenges we ran into

Elijah had never used React before, so he spent a lot of time familiarizing himself with the tool.

Louis has limited database and API experience, so properly modeling the data, creating relationships, and connecting the pieces was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website looks great (our opinion) and performs the functions we initially set out for it to do. The database and API worked together by the end of the weekend.

We think something like this really helps those who have taken the time to master a skill be able to give back to their communities by documenting their process and helping future learners be more effective.

What we learned

Elijah: React Louis: Basics of flask, postgresql, and SQLAlchemy

What's next for CheckPoints

Set-Up -Finish Connecting the back end and front end -Add user management -Deploy

Features -Add support for uploading images and demonstration videos -Add date based information for tasks to account for rest times and scheduling

Other -Possibly take the project to pitch competitions

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