After working with several customers, we noticed that the procurement process was broken in their organizations. Multiple channels were used to make purchasing requests causing confusion and unnecessary repetition in communication. Additionally, it was hard to track budgets related to purchasing and keep all stake holders informed.

What it does

  • Manage items that organization users can order.
  • Manage vendors.
  • Create Purchase orders and email them to vendors for fulfillment.
  • Manage department budgets by keeping a log of all procured items for departments.
  • Manage assets in stock and assigned to users using Atlassian asset management API.

How I built it

Checkout is built using Atlassian Springboot framework, Atlassian React Kit and designed using Atlassian template in Sketch. Other than the items in Checkout, all data is stored as entity properties in customers Jira. All images are stored in a secured AWS S3 bucket. We use Postgres SQL to store all item descriptions and metadata for the store. We utilize AWS Fargate to host the products. The product can scale automatically to meet demand.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was trying to figure out where to store the data. We wanted to store all data in Jira but we were not getting great response from the Asset API. Ultimately, this is where we want all data to reside.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Biggest accomplishment is creating and moulding a product to fit into the Atlassian ecosystem by overcoming limitation in the UI and API and yet make it feel like it is an Atlassian product.

What I learned

It takes a great team to build a great product. Without my teammates it would have been impossible to build this product. It required a wide range of skillsets to accomplish.

What's next for Checkout - Procurement for Jira Service Desk

We are going to build an automation engine to interact with Jira and other tools as well as create ability to add custom fields into Checkout. Will add more capability to manage vendors and contracts.

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