Checknote is a task manager for people who love Evernote.

Checknote adds to your notes a Category of Time. All your inbox notes are tasks. Each task can be marked as Inbox, Today, Tomorrow, Week, Calendar and Someday. Certainly task can be marked as Done. Checknote brings you the Calendar and the Contexts for your productivity.


  • Notes are tasks.

  • Time Categories: Inbox, Today, Tomorrow, Week, Calendar, Someday.

  • Notes' checkboxes are subtasks.

  • Quick access to subtasks, notebook, tags, time category of a task.

  • Calendar.

  • Calendar Weeks.

  • Contexts based on notebooks and tags.

  • Time Categories support through Evernote Desktop or Web.

  • Full Evernote Sync.

Checknote grows up intensively. So don't forget to check out the latest build.

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