ServiceNSW and COVIDsafe apps provided a foundation into how Australians stay safe through venue check-in ands and contact tracing.

What it does

Checkn takes the prior mentioned apps and improves their efficiency, reducing the need of using QR codes or constant bluetooth pinging. The businesses that sign up to our platform will send out beacon transmissions, in which the app client will receive and prompt the user to check-in. The app will then connect seamlessly with ServiceNSW's servers to send the required personal information.

What’s improved

The original COVIDsafe app, derived from OpenTrace used a form of bluetooth communication known as GATT (Generic Attribute Profile). This communication method involves the exchange of data. The COVIDsafe app used this method to search for nearby devices and exchange basic tracking information for contact tracing. However, this meant that devices running the COVIDsafe app will try to connect with every nearby devices and try to exchange data. Communicating with GATT by default will try to pair with devices that ask for it which meant attackers could gain access to your device without you even knowing.

In contrast, Checkn doesn't use GATT, but utilises broadcasted public information from a bluetooth device acting as a bluetooth low energy beacon. This means there's no data exchange involved and on top of that the user's device can stay hidden to other bluetooth devices.

How we built it

Progressive web app built in NextJS, React/TypeScript and Chakra UI. React Native used for accessing native Android and iOS Bluetooth functionality. Prototype is in Figma.

Challenges we ran into

Backend bluetooth technology was hard to implement within the 24 hour timeframe, developing on Apple required an Apple Developer registration

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sleek UI, deployed an MVP online, good baselines for inspiration

What we learned

Incorporating Figma designs into our app MVP, learnt new technologies like React Native

What's next for Checkn - Streamlined COVID Check-In

Optimising the backend to create this business flow signups and beacon infrastructure, API connections and adoption with ServiceNSW and new features such as digital vaccination passports for travel.

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