Have you ever had to wait in long lines just to buy a few items from a store? Not wanted to interact with employees to get what you want? Now you can buy items quickly and hassle free through your phone, without interacting with any people whatsoever.

What it does

CheckMeOut is an iOS application that allows users to buy an item that has been 'locked' in a store. For example, clothing that have the sensors attached to them or items that are physically locked behind glass. Users can scan a QR code or use ApplePay to quickly access the information about an item (price, description, etc.) and 'unlock' the item by paying for it. The user will not have to interact with any store clerks or wait in line to buy the item.

How we built it

We used xcode to build the iOS application, and MS Azure to host our backend. We used an intel Edison board to help simulate our 'locking' of an item.

Challenges I ran into

We're using many technologies that our team is unfamiliar with, namely Swift and Azure.

What I learned

I've learned not underestimate things you don't know, to ask for help when you need it, and to just have a good time.

What's next for CheckMeOut

Hope to see it more polished in the future.

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