• wanted to have fun and have a working application that will help the bigger team, taking in consideration the team's skillset
  • identified the need to improve the new candidates experience and have a platform that handles the technical tests
  • stop using the Google Forms and have a proper and specialized platform for centralizing the technical tests answers ## What it does
  • our application is a technical skills assessment for recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidates for any role that need a test(QA, PHP, node, software engineer...etc)
  • it is an improved experience for the candidates
  • have all technical tests in one place, with the ability to see the results and revise the answers
  • create new test templates with custom questions whenever is needed
  • have access to a database of predefined questions categorized in different areas, be it technical or soft skills. (Linux, docker, databases, Magento, PHP, leadership, problem-solving, SCRUM...etc) ## How we built it
  • we've used zitec boilerplate symfony project to get it started
  • creation of design and mockups
  • physical kanban board with backlog/wip/done columns
  • creation of CSV files with questions what got imported in the database
  • create the backend+frontend development side of things and release them on the demo environment

Challenges we ran into

  • in order to test the sending email feature, we had to use an additional email dependency called MailHog but unfortunately this dependency did not work on dev environment, hence we had to use MailTrap
  • we had to quickly adapt to the database's changes because of an in depth analysis
  • one of the team members had to work from home so we had to continuously keep him in touch and in sync with everything
  • in spite of 0 frontend engineers, somehow we managed to get the things done with the contribution of current individual member's skills
  • not all the members had Symfony knowledge, so they had to learn it on the fly
  • the members did not have devops skill, so the deploy process was a bit tricky

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • an application that has real chances to be used in Zitec and it is easily maintanable
  • we were efficient and the entire team contributed in building the application

What we learned

  • new technical skills (Symfony, devops, etc.)
  • we get to know each other better and finally meet face to face in the office
  • learn to work together as a team with new people

What's next for CheckMeOut

  • roles with different access - on type of tests(qa, php...etc), to revise answers... etc
  • integration with teamtailor, to add the status if the technical test passed or not
  • dashboards and metrics
  • sorting and filters in the test listing
  • implement the 'feedback' which is the suggested answer that will see the person that will check the test for the open questions

Application Flows

  • we have a master admin
  • the interviewer/hiring manager can choose what test to send to a candidate (SEND TEST in the upper navigation bar)
  • the interviewer/hiring manager has the option to preview the test before adding the Name of the candidate and his email
  • a unique URL will be generated for the test that the candidate will receive via email
  • the candidate will access the test from email and will start the test, having to fill out open or multiple type questions, in a predefined deadline (e.g. 2h)
  • the interviewer/hiring manager will get notified via email that the candidate finalized the test
  • the interviewer/hiring manager will review the candidate's test answers, set pass/fail to each open question, set a final fail/pass status to the test, add an optional feedback to each open question and add a general feedback to the overall test
  • the interviewer/hiring manager will have the ability to choose if he will send the optional feedback to the candidate, including the correct results. The general feedback will be available only to admins
  • the interviewer/hiring manager will have the ability to see a list with all submitted tests and export that list

Credentials user: pw: test123 (to check emails sent by the application) user: (use sign in with google) pw: CheckHack11

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