Technology has made it possible to do anything we want to from indoors, however, we still notice a drop in people's productivity during the quarantine. We wanted to create a platform to address this issue. We designed a system to bridge the social gap between people during the pandemic. The idea behind the app is for friends to help each other stay productive and mentally healthy. We are trying to help create the illusion that we are "meeting" several people every day and making progress with them!

What it does

Steps - 1) Create an account 2) Make tasks you do frequently eg:- Gym ( 3x per week), Study(6x per week) 2) Create groups with friends who can see your progress for individual tasks. For example , Friend B can see my progress on Gym, and maybe Friend C can see my progress on study. Alternatively, both Friend B and C can see both my progress in gym and study. 3) "Check-in" on friends if you think someone is not being productive. 4) Get notified when your friends "Check-In" on you. 5) Improved Productivity and mental health!!

How we built it

We created the backend server using the Spark Framework. The entire backend was written using Java. We created an API with the help of the Spark Framework and used the Gson library to serialize and deserialize java. We used the React framework, HTML, and CSS for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Since most of our team was inexperienced with React, we faced some problems while implementing the features that we wanted to.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Creating a fully functional web app with all the features that we decided before starting the hackathon.

What we learned

In the frontend, We learned how to use React better and make complete applications using it. In the backend, we learned about the importance of carefully making design choices otherwise they can cause problems down the line. Overall, we learned about the effort it takes to create a functioning product while trying to prioritize user experience.

What's next for CheckIn - Friendly quarantine productivity

In the future, we want to host it on the web and implement features that will let users customize their feed more and also release mobile versions of the web app.

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