The idea of creating CheckedIn was inspired the constant use of pen and paper, the lone laptop with a Google form, and tinyurls to facilitate signing in to club meetings, company infosessions, and small classes. Some ways were too slow, other ways were easily spoofed (who can't access Google forms from home). And so we thought, hey, we can make the process one tap and make sure that anyone who checks in is actually there.

What it does

CheckedIn uses Bluetooth, a ubiquitous technology in consumer electronics, to check in at an event. After an easy one time registration process, hitting a button to make your Bluetooth radio visible to others and just being in proximity of the host or another guest, who has been recognized by the host, allows you to check in. Using the MAC address of someone's mobile device as an identifier, the host can also associate a MAC address with a different attendee.

Once you have checked in and your location has been confirmed, Bluetooth devices that your phone detects will also be checked into the event, allowing CheckedIn to work at meetings of any size.

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