CheckIn developed as an idea when we became frustrated with how hard it was to figure out if one of our friends were at the gym and therefore whether or not we would drop by. We thought, wouldn't it be great if we could subscribe to certain hot spots that would let us see if any of our friends were there? That was when CheckIn was born.

CheckIn is for everyone who wishes to catch up with their friends without the need to set up anything before hand. Whether you're bored sitting around the house or nearby and wish to have a nice chat, CheckIn is perfect for you.

The features core to CheckIn are the abilities to subscribe to hot spots made by your friends and the setup of your own hot spots. These alone allow you to stay interconnected amongst your closest buddies. We also, using Moxtra as a platform, provide the ability to message your friends, making sure that they know you are own your way.

We believe that CheckIn will help you and your friends stay connected, not only online, but more importantly in person. We think you will definitely enjoy the experience.

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