We noticed that 70% of online carts are abandoned and businesses are leaving 260 billion dollars a year on the table not only because of bad checkout experiences and also because of the poor cart tracking systems. Many carts were abandoned because the users often forget that they have a cart to check out or they don’t have sufficient funds at the moment they are checking out. With CheckGate, we provide an embeddable one-click checkout experience and also a wallet that helps track all the carts that a user has in different e-commerce stores.

What it does

CheckGate is an SDK that provides a one-click smooth, fast, and easy checkout process for online payments. With a wallet that allows you to track all the carts from different e-commerce.

How we built it

The SDK was built with Javascript for easy integration, the button is an iframe connected with the SDK, and the backend of CheckGate was built from the ground up using Node.js and Typescript, and MongoDB.For the database, we opted to use MongoDB, We also used AWS to host all the backend code. The mobile app that is the user wallet was developed with Kotlin and Jet Pack Compose. The backend was integrated with the Rapyd wallet and also the Rapyd Checkout Toolkit. As for the store-front and seller’s portal - it was written in TypeScript using Next.js.

Challenges we ran into

There were challenges faced during the Rapyd checkout toolkit integration, but thanks to the Rapyd Team and Community, they did a great job at responding and helping with any issues that occurred.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• The platform is almost solely based on the Rapyd APIs. Rapyd provided such rich APIs that we managed to manage the wallets, balances, and also payments all using Rapyd API. • Building user tools rather than products empower others to take what we've built and use them in endlessly new and creative ways. • We have written 1000'f lines of code so others don't have to

What we learned

• Building a perfect solution takes a lot of time, resources, and manpower and the finance world is very complex, there is still a lot to learn about it and things can sometimes take some time but that's okay. One step at a time. • Rapyd supports different checkout options around the world. • Making a short video is hard when you have so much to share

What's next for checkgate

  1. Web based wallet for users, for easy access
  2. Push notification for users to get reminder of their cart
  3. Modify Our codebase to production ready

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