Going to the doctor is time consuming for some, and for others is very expensive. According to a new Gallup poll, a third of Americans say they aren’t getting the medical care they need because of fear of high cost.

What it does

Our app takes personalized input data from user using a wearable device, the data can be from heart rate, temperature, to coughing pattern and tells you if you are healthy or need a checkup based on a learning algorithm. You can choose to send your data then to your doctor. This can potentially solve the socioeconomic issue of relieving the issue of unnecessary ER patients by letting those who don't need emergency care that they are going to be fine. This saves those who really need the ER to get the care they need without waiting behind those who don't.

How we built it

Arduino was used to gather the input and we used machine learning to build our algorithm based on anomaly detection. The algorithm learned form a set of big data to detect if the person is healthy or need checkup.

Challenges we ran into

The sensors did not give precise results across a huge set of data gathering, and this problem can be overcome with the right hardware (wearable devices). Scientific data results are very hard to find and required 1 week previous request for access.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having individuals getting involved in in their own health care is very important, and we are proud that we tackled this issue in an economic, personalized, and preventive way.

What we learned

Big data in medicine is revolutionary, and will change as the world forever.

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