During med school, the importance of the patient-doctor relationship was taught to us. But when we got into the field, we saw a real disconnect between patients and doctors - with the computer in the way. Doctors were juggling busy schedules with high patient volume by documenting their encounters on the computer with the patient in the room, or hours are spent after seeing patients. They were facing computers, the patient was talking, and neither was connecting. Doctors aren't happy with this new status-quo, and neither are their patients.

How it works

So we designed a tablet interface for doctors to use while talking to their patients. The UI is optimized so that the doctor can face the patient and make eye contact, while using gestures on the tablet to record the data they need to log into their electronic health records at the same time. Right now we have a working prototype that users enjoy, and are writing the code to have a fully functional app.

Challenges I ran into

For a physician, meaningful use requirements set by the Affordable Care Act ensure that they are performing quality patient-care through documentation. This can get tough for physicians. We're working towards ensuring that all of the necessary information is collected easily and timely -- while strengthening the patient-doctor relationship at the same time.

What's next for Check Up

We want to be in the app store for health-care workers to improve their own, and their patients' experiences from day 1.

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