Notices a lot of time, kids snuck inside a smoke store or booze store with fake ids. Wanted to provide an option to validate the age in doubt. This might give at least give approximate age.

What it does

An tiny mobile app that takes a picture of the kids, sends them to Vision API (Face). Gets back Age. We display the approximate age on the picture.

How we built it

Mobile App developed using Flutter, Using Blob Storage to store images for processing, Http Trigger to upload images to blob storage, Blob Trigger to send the images to Face AI.

Challenges we ran into

This is very tiny and basic application. We used that is simple and available without effort. Flutter was a challenge, as I was just learning mobile development with Flutter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None, Really..

What we learned

Face APIs, Flutter.

What's next for Check Underage

Wanted to implement Video streaming and show age real time. We are doing Image and asynchronous processing now for the same of Demo.

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