Check The Fact: become a Fact-Check-Hero and stop spreading fake news.

We catch potential fake news where they appear and help to verify their credibility.

We are commited to provide a simple and reliable cross-platform, to validate news about Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

  • to check its truthfulness
  • to report it as “Fake News” if warranted
  • and to directly share clarifications

Everything is executed in realtime!

The Problem

Fake News often spreads virally and reaches countless people. If it then also causes fear, panic and insecurity, it becomes an even bigger problem.

The spread of false information about the Coronavirus unsettles the population. Disinformation can promote inappropriate behaviour (e.g UK or America) in a crisis. In the worst case, disinformation can make urgently needed protective measures more difficult and thus become a danger to the lives of those affected.


Using the Azure Cloud we built a cloud-native architecture. React is used as a frontend, hosted as a static paged on top of Azure Storage. The backend is built mostly using serverless technology. Azure CosmosDB and Cognitive-Search are used to store and retrieve the fake news. A machine-learning model is hosted on top of Azure App-Service using a docker container.

The Challenge

Definition of criteria for fake news. Integration of various backends, training of algorithms with artificial intelligence.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We quickly found each other in a the heterogeneous, very large team and organized ourselves well. We developed the prototype to go-live and deployed it. The current version can be tried out at: . The current functions are:

  • Have fake news checked
  • Report fake news
  • Developed a functional BOT on top
  • Trending news about SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 The more the web app is used, the better the algorithm works

What I learned

We have learned that projects can be developed quickly and easily together. How enriching and important it is to have a team with different skills and personalities

What's next for "Check The Fact"

We want to develop the product into a strong platform. We have designed additional functions:

  • Show more similar articles on the checked topics
  • Enable additional upload formats (e.g. pictures, voice messages)
  • API-Plugin to check messages directly (Messenger Extension: WhatsApp, Telegram, ..., Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox,...)
  • Forward statistics on the most common inquiries to teams of experts so that better communication is possible (press release or similar).
  • A better explanation of the results, so that the user gets more transparency about the reasons for the evaluation.
  • Better interfaces to trustworthy sources


Open Source GitHub Project with MIT license

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