Social Media Presence of Companies Nowadays, if you have a company, you more than likely also have at least one social media account managed by a PR team. Social media is a great platform for communicating with existing and potential customers as well as getting the word of your business and product out there. However, sometimes, a company's decision on social media does not always seem to get the intended effect. What inspired us to make Check PR is the recent events of PETA's action on their Twitter account when they criticized Steve Irwin when he was featured as a Google Doodle. This did not go well with the Twitter community and they received a lot of backlash, and this definitely had an effect on their PR.

What it does

A Solution to Viewing the Status of Your PR Check PR is a way of communicating with an AI through Google Assistant that scans a Twitter handle's page (and what people are tweeting about that Twitter handle) to give an overall analysis of how that account is in terms of PR (good, moderate, or bad). For example, if PETA were to recently run our Check PR AI, they would receive a negative analysis report.

How we built it

Google Assistant We used Google Actions and Dialogflow to train our model with intents and entities with their respective contents. We then created our own custom fulfillments with node.js and made calls to Twitter APIs to receive the Twitter data from the desired user's handle from his/her input.

Challenges we ran into

Twitter API We were having trouble connecting to Twitter APIs through node.js and still are at this moment, so we may not actually submit by if this problem persists.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

New Skills We learned how to create a Google Assistant applet and gained experience with JavaScript and node.js, which is something that neither of us had experience with.

What's next for Check PR

Scaling Up We would like to scale this project to other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. Additionally, we would like to add a feature that would give you feedback on something that you are thinking about posting and see if it's worth posting based on the current state of your PR.

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