New York Police Department gave out over 800,000 Parking summons in March 2010.Most New Yorkers don't own a smartphone but they do have a simple cell phone.To Check parking ticket status for tickets issued in March 2010 using a simple phone and texting.NO SMARTPHONE REQUIRED ! How it works:1.Send a text in the format PLate to 3474913937 eg. text Plate CDS1995 to 3474913937We will return all parling ticket information about the lic plate in this case we would return Plate:CDS1995Summons:7461484187Date:03/06/10 Vio:Fire HydrantFine:$115loc:91-12 144th Pl Queens2.You can also send a IM to in format PLate    e.g Plate CDS1995     Text notification about  Towed VehicleIn the event we get a daily update of the parking data we plan to implement a text notification service where we text you if your car can be towed by the Marshal . In nyc if you owe more than $350 in outstanding parking violation fees, the vehicle may been seized by the Sheriff's Office or by a New York City Marshal How it works: Send the word Towstatus to 3474913937 and we will notify you if your car can be towed when ever we see that you have more than $350 in judgement.

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