The Check-O-Lang is a mobile application inspired by Grammarly and other grammar-checking apps but with a twist. This app covers the area that all other grammar applications have failed to cover. The given application provides the students and teachers with a medium to test and evaluate one's or one's students' English Language speaking and reading skills. This application offers assessments that the user can take to test his skills. The mobile built-in mic serves as a recording device for the audio of the user and the application checks the words with the pre-installed vocabulary and pronunciation in the English Language as well as detecting one's accent using the same principle. This app is built on Free source software, Figma. Instead of Wireframes, our team has designed the User Interface (UI) for the given application. Figma's prototype tool is used to prototype and animate the application to make it interactive. Being realistic, we came across certain challenges while designing the application. That includes the limited functionality of the tools in Figma, not enough time to code an entire application, and implementing our ideas in the best possible way with very limited functionality of the software i.e. used to Design UI and basic prototyping. Despite the challenges and time constraints, we have accomplished our objective and provided not only the solution for the given challenge but also implemented and prototyped our solution in a presentable form. We learned to work as a team and accomplish a mutual objective in a pleasant way. The TiE has provided us with the opportunity to expand our networks to foreign countries as well thus enhancing our communication skills. The Check-O-Lang is a complete application however, there is still room for improvement. The next stage for it is to implement certain changes and then develop the application and making it available for the students and teachers all over the world.

Built With

  • figma
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