Every process that deals with iteration on a product or should be able to adopt to changes quickly can benefit from utilizing the scrum framework. Agile is not just for software development. Sales, marketing and even family team management can benefit greatly from it. If you don't have an agile workflow yet: Try it out now!

Is it complicated? How to get started with it? Scrummy to the rescue!

Scrummy helps you with sprint planning. Make each sprint a success with supportive management tools. Increase productivity of your entire team right within monday.com.

It’s very easy:

Keep a backlog of tasks, add them in your sprint, estimate the tasks with your team and start the sprint. Daily standups within the app help everyone to stay focused, understand road blocks and problems in the team, help each other and establish a feeling of togetherness - even in times of full-time home office.

Scrummy is on a mission for an outstanding team experience:

Learnings available for everyone on the team, retrospects, sharing positive thoughts, cultivating a sense for improvement and increased productivity. Find out what Scrummy can do for your team. beep beep


While Scrum is quite common among software teams we wanted to make it accessible for all different kind of teams. Our goal is to make the agile framework a perfect experience even in remote work settings - and even within asynchronous teams.

Scrummy offers several tools for project management:

  • Estimations
  • Daily standup
  • Shared learnings
  • Shoutouts / thank you
  • Achievements
  • Sprint management with sprint planning, retrospectives, feedback etc.
  • Project documentation

Everything needed for successful agile project management so even teams inexperienced with agile methodologies can start within no time. We included a help section in the app to get you started if you have no knowledge about Scrum or like to learn more about best practices.

What it does

Scrum project management right inside of monday.com. Daily

How we built it

With lots of time.

Challenges we ran into

Some api calls were a bit tricky.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

To make it work in the end. We have big plans for it!!!

What we learned

Working together in a team ... a never-ending learning

What's next for Scrummy

  • Probably a serious version without Scrummy for people who are into boring software (or people who are allergic to robots)
  • Additional team management functionalities to help connect the entire company, break down silos and increase output
  • Improve UI
  • Share a better scrum template for workspaces so people can start integrating scrum best-practices in their processes right away
  • Automatic calculation of available time per user according to their vacation calendar for sprint planning
  • Maybe mobile version for team management like time tracking, standups with video, push notifications ... (we tested the features on mobile already, but we need more time to finalize it. First we want to make the web implementation perfect and learn more about what different teams need for their project management)

Built With

  • monday.com
  • patience
  • time
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posted an update

Unfortunately for technical (and last minute) reasons the demo video doesn't show exactly how good-looking and well-behaving Scrummy actually is. Since the demo video we made a lot of updates to the UI / UX (helpful blank texts everywhere, improved help page and welcome screen), added a few more modules and improved the overall workings of the app. In about a week we have a new update ready with a totally improved UX (more mondayesque).

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