I was inspired by the potential of helping others on a global scale through voice.

What it does

Say "Alexa, open Voice Check In". That's it. You are now checked in.

A check in can mean anything you want.

It might mean you are safe. It could mean you need help. It might mean you have reached a goal. It could mean a point for a team.

A check in is one unit of anything you want it to be.

Whenever you launch this skill it will create a check in.

So what?

Well, the beauty is that anyone can now follow your voice check ins by visiting with your unique voice check in URL.

Soon, you'll also be able to follow check ins via email alerts and other methods.

How is this tech for good?

Imagine an elderly person at home on their own or perhaps a member of a community living in a disaster zone. They can quickly and unobtrusively check in using their Alexa.

Now, family members and friends can visit their unique (and anonymous) check in URL to check that they're safe without having to phone or message them.

How I built it

I used a Node.js Lambda which connects to an API created in PHP with a MySQL database.

Challenges I ran into

As you can probably tell from quality of my submission I didn't enter this until the last minute, so it was a hurry getting everything finished.

One issue I had is that I originally branded the skill "Check In". Unfortunately, restrictions on Alexa Skill invocation names meant I had to change it to "Voice Checkin"

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A one day turnaround. A incredibly simple product which has infinite use cases and the potential to help others.

What I learned

Not to leave Alexa challenge submissions to the last minute! :-)

What's next for Voice Check In

Awesome updates including new ways to follow check ins ... for example by RSS, SMS, Email alerts and more.

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posted an update

Hey guys...I'm excited for this submission to go live in the skills store. FYI - the video references an older version of the skill but the user experience is still the same (it's mainly the invocation name which has changed).

I would love to hear any suggestions, feedback, questions or comments!

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