We wanted a way to have a mostly hands-free, minimum-effort check-in process that allowed for ease of convenience for people making appointments to businesses and the like. Furthermore, we wanted to reduce the time it took for security personnel to check in and check out visitors while simultaneously notifying workers for whom the appointments are directed towards.

What it does

The web application was created with the purpose of registering visitors who were able to make appointments while workers were able to approve appointments. The android app was designed for an easier and faster check-in process on-site. It also allowed for an easier way for security to keep track of visitors and their information.

How we built it

We utilized QR code to increase the speed of check-in, and we used a relational database to track, manage, and maintain user data.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge during the hackathon was our small work force, especially when trying to create both a web app and an android app with an integrated database and other back-end features. Also, coming up with a relatively unique idea was pretty hard!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We personally have a better understanding of the processes lying behind back-end development. This was also our first time using firebase and also our first time delving into AWS.

What's next for Check-In-N-Out

Full integration of website and android app to a shared (cloud) database. The web app needs more security implementations. We also want to increase our on-site user support.

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