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APP Notification to pop up Set time of day to be reminded every day Should happen when you get started Can edit What friend to contact(message to contact) Getting started page What attributes you want to add Categories? Pick 3 emojis for each category in getting started Ask you your mood Smiley face, sad face Add your own? All emojiis are options Drag emoji to word App to have more specific questions How are your stress levels today Just needs to understand the words and not the emojis Word bubbles and emojis bubbles Include: Stress? Eating habits? Sleeping habits? Drinking? Hungover? App only tracks five words Main thing: FRIEND THING How to contact friend but keep data private Recognize pattern to alert friend Can sell this an organization thing Friends are contacted through App and not through text Has to add mood and can add things you want to track Always have happy sad and neutral Choose which emojis to represent the three Separate categories which they create What is causing the shitty day? Only notify about specific things Future Development: adding music, pictures, fun quizzes Three tabs: month, week, day Only show mood and can toggle between other emojiis Day one would have all the day listed Add one word phrase - notification

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