Have you ever experienced long wait times at your favorite restaurant? Or enjoyed a fantastic dining experience, that was quickly ruined by a 30 minute wait time for your check? Consumers love the idea of dining out, but often hate the logistics that surround the dinning process. Essentially you love to dine, but want to save some time. Check-In Cheque-Out is a mobile app that increases the consumer dining experience by reducing the friction points consumers face when trying to stuff their face. The app provides a medium of exchange for vital information between the restaurant and the consumer that currently relies on face to face interaction between the waiter or hostess and the consumer. This is an antiqued process that is highly variable and leaves large amounts of inconsistency in the customer experience.

What it does

We believe our app will optimize the dining experience for both the customer and the restaurant. Customers will have a more efficient dining experience, and restaurants will be able to better optimize operations and drive higher revenues per square foot.

Consumers will download our app and input their user information. When they arrive at the restaurant they will pull up the app and scan a QR code, which will check them in. They will be sent a text message with an estimated wait time and a confirmation of their party size. When the table becomes available they will receive a text notification. At this point the customer will have access to the restaurants full menu and drink list. They can order food and drinks without the need for personal interaction with the waiter. Throughout the dining experience consumers can order additional drinks and entrees without the dreaded wait for the next time the server swings by their table. When the customer is finished dining they can pay the bill via our app without the need for a check from the server.

How we built it

Mostly written in javascript, we used React-Native to build the mobile apps and Node for the backend API. The VISA Cybersource API was used to tokenize credit card numbers securely so that cards could be used for payment transactions to restaurants at a later time.

Challenges we ran into

Making videos is hard

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Increase convenience
  • Reduced cost: Cuts time cost for patron and business, seamless coupon and customer rewards system, Better customer analytics
  • Cuts out credit cards, so you can have a credit account without the card.
  • Integrated bill process and item order

What we learned

Many, but not everyone wants to interface with a smart phone, but rather still deal with a waiter. Getting people to download an app is hard.

What's next for Check-In Cheque-Out

We plan on making the app multi-tenant to support multiple restaurants and then ultimately bring a restaurant on to the system.

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