Our inspiration comes from two sources - hackathon buses and t-shirt lines. Varun and Jay have been bus captains, and keeping track of people was a nightmare. What if there was a way to quickly validate riders and keep track of them? T-Shirt giveaway lines can be long because hackathon organizers (rightfully so) confirm each attendee before handing out a shirt. Why does it have to be so cumbersome?

What it does

Our app is simple and effective - if you are hosting an event that requires you to keep track of attendees, invite them to join Events. Each user has a QR Code generated that you can scan, quickly "checking in" the user to that event. Have users hopping onto a bus? Scan their code as they get on, you can quickly check who's there and who's not. Giving away free t-shirt? Keep track of how many times they have tried to pick one up. Make your hackathon administering experience more seamless!

How we built it

We're writing an Android app and using a QR Code library for the scanning process. A web portal for users allows admins to create and monitor events. A PHP Laravel RESTful API on AWS / Ubuntu manages a MySQL database and securely serves data to clients. A Pebble Watch client also displays the QR Code for the scanning process.

Challenges we ran into

Pranav: facing specific challenges with interfacing Angular.js with our RESTful API, handling asynchronous calls and managing specific data as cookies, CORS issues when integrating with Laravel!

Varun: none - he's counting his blessings!

Saurabh: rendering QR image on Pebble Watch.

Jay: Working on a Windows machine after forgetting his MacBook Pro charger at home, writing the entire API in VIM while SSH'd into an Amazon EC2 instance via PuTTy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really excited that we have multiple client-facing products that we were able to integrate, making for a really cool system. We feel that it flows really nicely and we were able to do so with relatively little friction, fast debugging and overall strong teamwork! Go team!

What we learned

Pranav: Angular.js, debugging, additional web-dev considerations!

Varun: Working fast paced in a team environment and integrating successfully.

Saurabh: Using zxing for QR Scanning.

Jay: Being flexible with my given dev tools and getting things done!

What's next for Check In

We'd love to try using this with a small group of people at an upcoming hackathon!

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