Cheat Sheet Generator

What it does

Generates cheatsheet

How we built it

This website aims to help students generate cheat sheets for their exams based on collaboration with peers. The interface has a list of modules and within each module, they can add chapters and notes. Users can also contribute to our database by choosing the ‘Add Module/Chapter/Note’ option.

The prototype provides sample modules with some popular suggestions based on the number of times each particular note is chosen by others before. They are then given the freedom to ‘tick’ the notes they wish to include in their cheat sheet and then download their own customised cheatsheet. The preview page will have the selected data organized in an tabular form so as to optimize the limited space available in a cheat sheet.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Cheatsheet Builder

We aim to maintain a popularity counter (incremented as and when a note-box is ticked for selection) so only the most ‘trending’ data relevant to the user is displayed first. The rest can be displayed on request using the ‘Show All’ option.

The idea behind this project is not only to provide the students a one-stop platform to formulate all their module cheats sheets, but also to give them the freedom to personalize their document. The project has been programmed using JavaScript (OOP) and HTML5, and styled with CSS.

Awards we wish to be considered for are: Best Freshman Hack.

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