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During our studies we had a lot of difficult exams and preparations to them weren't effortless at all. We tried to think how we can make these preparations more effective and less time-consuming, on one hand. Withal, we live in the era of space ships, large IT systems, and robots. Thus, we need something technology driven.

Most of us work with tools for automation of workflow or development process. So we took one of the most tedious, time-consuming, and completely non-tolerant to mistakes processes during exam preparation. This is cheat sheet preparation.

Another important thing - those cheat sheets could be absolutely shareable!

What it does

We've developed a simple UI that allows to generate a cheat sheet and save it to PDF file. All you need is just to input your information, formulas and graphics using simple formulas (TeX and/or usual symbols). Yes, we can even generate complex graphics!

Moreover, every cheat sheet will be available in our blog, making itself accessible to every student.

How I built it

First, we have a Python Bottle framework for our backend, hosted on IBM Bluemix platform. We use Python code, many libraries, and some logic for working with data coming from UI. We also use Wolfram to generate graphics (and it is awesome!). By the way, thanks to Namecheap for .club domain. Of course, as we are a web service we use JQuery, JS, and some CSS to make our services fancier.

For our blog and as a file storage we use Wordpress and CloudUp (thanks to Automattic).

As a main configuration storage, metadata storage, really very multi-purpose storage we use Clusterpoint. It is very comfy to have your copy safe somewhere in cloud ;)

Finally, as a good team we use private repository in GitHub.

Challenges I ran into

  • Time pressure and sleep deprivation
  • Many new technologies and APIs
  • How to connect microservices (it is always a problem!)
  • Manage workflow in our team (we were tend to focus on something not very important)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we understand how to work with next stuff in a very fast pace:

  • Wolfram graphics generation
  • Clusterpoint API
  • Explored IBM Bluemix platform
  • Wordpress and Cloudapp platforms
  • Connect so many microservices together!

  • And the most important. Architecture of our application!

What I learned

Work in a team on a project with a people for me in professional way. To work under time pressure and how to focus myself and others to work towards project. And, of course, many new APIs!

What's next for CheatHub

Sustainable growth ;)

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